Crater Lake is a beautiful lake. It is formed by the filling of water in the crater formed after volcanic activity.

Crater Lake


There is a red colored lake located in Bolivia. It is a shallow salt lake, situated at an altitude of 1400 feet. It is the most beautiful.

Laguna Colorada

There are no plants or animals in the Dead Sea. No trees or plants are visible around it. It is believed that all these animals die

Dead Sea

This is the third largest and very beautiful lake of Italy. This lake is built at the foothills of the Alps mountains.

Lake Como

This lake of India is the most famous lake of Udaipur city of Rajasthan state and it is the most amazing.

Lake Pichola

It is at an altitude of 3,810 meters above sea level. It is located between Peru in the west and Bolivia in the east.

Lake Titicaca